6 Best Jacques Pepin Recipes From French Souffle to Cherry Compote

I think most people would agree if they could pick one person’s brain about cooking and baking, it would be Jacques Pepin. The French-born chef has hosted public television shows and published books (so many books). He was best friends with Julia Child, a contributor to multiple food publications, and the recipient of a number of prestigious culinary awards. He’s been celebrated over and over again and no one ever gets sick of him.

Today, we’re celebrating him once more in honor of his 86th birthday, which falls on December 18th, 2021. The most appropriate way to celebrate would be to stick a candle in a cheese soufflé, but we’ve also rounded up six of Jacques Pépin’s all-time best recipes so that you can eat chic.

1. Maman’s Cheese Soufflé From Jacques Pépin

The idea of making a soufflé sounds intimidating, right? Believe me, I know. I bought a soufflé dish three years ago and have yet to use it. But this recipe might just be the thing that gets me to try it. After all, I have to believe that Jacques Pépin’s recipe is THE definitive recipe.

2. Jacques Pépin’s Fromage Fort

Unfortunately, this is not a recipe for a cheese house. I would love to live in a cheese house and I bet you would too. However, it is a recipe for the easiest-ever cheese dip that uses up all of your leftover bits and pieces of cheese (perfect for throwing together after your holiday party for your next holiday party).

3. Jacques Pépin’s Shrimp Gratin

I can’t imagine a better recipe designed for holiday entertaining than shrimp topped with buttery breadcrumbs and served in individual gratins.

4. Jacques Pépin’s Criques (Crispy Potato Pancakes)

No box grater is needed for these potato pancakes! Instead, Jacques (can I call him Jacques?) mixes diced potatoes, onions, garlic, eggs, and potato starch in a food processor, then forms them into pancakes and shallow fries them until golden brown and crispy as can be.

5. Jacques Pépin’s Cherry Compote

I’m canceling my cable subscription and every streaming service I subscribe to. All I want to watch for the rest of forever and Jacques Pépin prepare this summer cherry compote from his home kitchen.

6. Jacques Pépin’s Crunchy Skillet Chicken Thighs With Zucchini

“In this recipe, chicken thighs are cooked skin side down, covered, in a skillet for about 30 minutes. They don’t need to be turned over because covering the pan creates steam that cooks the chicken through,” explains the birthday boy.

What is your favorite piece of cooking wisdom from Jacques Pepin? Let us know in the comments below!

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