Aarco’s Portfolio of Timeless Marketing Solutions Continue To Shine

Aarco ProductsWith the pandemic in the rearview, people everywhere are eagerly returning to their favorite locations. Whereas restaurants a year ago were struggling with lack of business, many are now having difficulty accommodating the vast volume of customers and are looking for ways to get their businesses in front of people and separate themselves from the pack.

Although online and digital marketing remains an effective tool in the restaurateur’s kit, many still find traditional marketing devices such as free-standing signs most effective. This is where Aarco, one of the originators of the classic A-frame sign and many other classic signage devices, comes in. For nearly half a century Aarco has proven itself as an industry leader in restaurant marketing with their diverse portfolio of innovative products. Many restaurants and retailers have tried other forms of point of purchase marketing but traditional products offer a personal touch not found in more expensive marketing tools. Aarco has them covered with a return to basics.

“When you walk into a restaurant and you see a handwritten sign, it tells you something about the restaurant,” said Aarco founder George DeMartino. “Seeing that extra effort and love tells customers something about the people who own it and what they think of their service. It’s simply more personalized to see a handwritten message that makes a statement about the quality of the food on your menu. Customers can immediately tell that you care about your service enough to go out of the way to display it with a personalized signature.”

Beyond the simple fact that physical signage is akin to a personal signature on your storefront, it’s also extremely practical and durable. “You can’t walk 50 feet in a place like New York City without seeing our products,” mentioned DeMartino. “Our A-Frames have become part of the Manhattan landscape. From summer heat to rain and snow and being dragged in, out and around all day, every day for years on end, Aarco’s A-Frames stand up to the elements and daily use. Products we’ve sold over twenty years ago are still out on the street today, just as great and effective despite the wear and tear of daily use.”

Aarco’s line also delivers bottom line value. “The best part about it all is that it’s incredibly inexpensive compared to other types of marketing tools. Ad-space online is very expensive and what you buy is only temporary. Electronic signage is expensive, as well as impersonal, and can often be unreliable. Batteries have short lifespans; cords are cumbersome and hazardous. Our products are free from any of these issues and are priced at a fraction of the cost.”

One of the biggest changes to the restaurant industry over the past year was the enormous emphasis placed on safety, and a return to a focus on sustainability. DeMartino and his team utilized their manufacturing experience to build out a full line of green and sustainable PPE solutions. “Once we began to see the effects Covid was having on the industry and the demand it was creating, we invested heavily in screens, barriers, crowd control and a variety of other safety products. We saw that operators had a problem and we wanted to provide a solution. We wanted to facilitate safe spaces for both staff and customers,” stated the Aarco founder.

“In the making of these items, we also knew we didn’t want to skimp on sustainability. We didn’t think it right to sacrifice one important aspect for another, so we pushed ourselves to address both. We also knew that customers would accept nothing less as well, so we made this a priority. All of our products adhere to the highest of standards of state and local governments,” DeMartino concluded.

For the better part of half a century, Aarco products has pioneered many of the marketing and display products available. The DeMartino family has set manufacturing quality standards that the industry still follows to this day. Even with their products in front of restaurants across New York City and the nation, Aarco continues to look for innovative marketing solutions to maximize profit for foodservice and hospitality operators and the dealers and distributors that support them.

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