Ballantine’s and visual artist Shawna X team up for new limited-edition bottle

To unfold a splash of pleasure, shade, and positivity world wide in these difficult instances, the No. 1 Scotch whisky model in Europe Ballantine’s has teamed up with New York-based visual artist Shawna X to launch a new limited-edition bottle.

Shawna X is on the forefront of a rising technology of multi-faceted visual artists, identified for her vibrant and colourful type and collaborations with the likes of Nike, Spotify, The New Yorker, and her current re-interpretation of the Oscars statue. Staying true to her type and ethos of invoking positivity via her paintings, Shawna X has now utilized her signature splash of shade onto Ballantine’s iconic Most interesting bottle. “I was tapping into the feeling of joy being with a community of people who I connect to, have fun with, and am vulnerable with and supportive to, especially after the past year of isolation,” says Shawna. “The connection is vibrant and colorful.”

The partnership of Ballantine’s and Shawna additionally extends to creative communities world wide, serving to within the restoration of assorted nightlife scenes via murals created by Shawna and native artists.

“I want artists in each community to have artistic freedom to express their version of community and joy. I think artists and creative communities may be more outspoken about staying true, but I want this sentiment to vibrate through all of humanity,” she added.

The colourful bottle accommodates the identical multi-awarded blended Scotch whisky that Ballantine’s Most interesting is understood for.

You will get the limited-edition Ballantine’s Most interesting Shawna X bottle in any respect S&R branches this April for solely P449. On-line website retails it at P579.

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