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‘Canyon of Fire’ on Sun Sparks Unexpected Aurora Light Show on Earth


Photographer Christy Turner captured the Aurora Borealis on Sunday close to Calgary, Alberta.

Christy Turner/

A blast of charged particles from the solar created an surprising geomagnetic storm on Sunday.

The NOAA House Climate Prediction Middle recorded the occasion as a category G3 storm, which is taken into account “strong” on the dimensions that ranges from G1 to G5. The unpredicted storm created glowing Aurora Borealis that may very well be seen in northern states within the contiguous US from Maine to Washington. 

The storm and related gentle present originated with a so-called “canyon of fire” coronal mass ejection, or CME. CMEs are the blasts of charged plasma that always accompany photo voltaic flares. This explicit one erupted all the best way again on April 3, however because it did, it first made a lateral transfer that seems to carve a deep canyon within the solar’s super-heated outer layer. 

This NASA animation exhibits the CME whipsawing throughout the solar, carving a fiery canyon within the course of.


The CME then took its time touring the gap to Earth, the place it collided with our magnetic subject final week. That influence is often what creates auroras, often known as “northern lights” above the equator. However this time the present got here later. 

“Initially the weak impact on April 8 had little effect, but unrest has been brewing ever since,” explains astronomer Tony Phillips at “We may very well be seeing the impact of Earth’s passage by means of the CME’s prolonged wake, which contained unexpectedly sturdy magnetic fields. A minor photo voltaic wind stream arriving in the course of the early hours of April 10 might have helped, too.”

Phillips estimates “the glowing walls of the canyon are at least 20,000 kilometers high and 10 times as long.”

The storm is over now, however one other surprising blast from our native star might quickly deliver an encore. On Monday, a fading sunspot proved it wasn’t fairly lifeless but by taking pictures one other important CME in our route. It is anticipated to achieve Earth later this week. 

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