Children are climbing all over new playground in Huntington Beach – Orange County Register

Children can reach new heights at a playground that opened in Huntington Beach’s Central Park on Thursday, Jan. 13.

And that is really the point, said Chris Slama, the city’s director of community and library services, as he watched children using the ropes and cables that criss-cross the equipment to play “hot lava,” an imagination game where they had to climb around without touching the ground, which is the lava.

“The idea really is, with this equipment, it gives the effect of risk in play, but in a safe way,” Slama said, explaining the children are encouraged to be creative in their play and push their boundaries.

Along with a 25-foot climbing tower, the playground has a 70-foot zip line, but also lower-to-the ground features for the toddler set.

The playground replaces – and utilizes the space in between – two tot lots at Central Park with areas now geared for 2- to 5-year-olds and then older children up to age 12.

The budget on the project was about $1.2 million, but Slama said it came in under, with only a couple of rain delays since construction started in early October.

Families can find the playground near Lake Huntington, using the Central Park Drive entrance off of Edwards Street.

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