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CSU says keep away from power lines in spring storm safety update

COLORADO SPRINGS — About 800 residents are without electric service due to the spring snowstorm, according to Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU).

CSU says that crews will work 24/7 to remove tree branches from power lines, restore services and maintain system reliability.

As snow continues through the weekend, CSU advises residents to follow these steps to stay safe:

  • Heavy, wet snow may cause damage to tree branches and power lines.
  • Report downed power lines at (719) 448-4800.
  • Monitor outages with the outage map.

CSU warns the public to never attempt to remove lines yourself:

  • Electricity always seeks a path to the ground. When you become part of this path, you may be injured or killed. Good conductors include water, your body, tree branches, metal poles and ladders.
  • If you see a fallen line, fallen tree limbs, as well as anything they are touching-such as puddles and fences, stay far away. Keep pets and children away too.
  • Assume all utility lines are energized.
  • Never touch any utility wire, and do not touch anyone who is in contact with an electric wire.
  • Keep your distance! Remember the 10-foot rule: When carrying and using ladders and other long tools, keep them at least 10 feet away from all overhead lines – including any lines from the power pole to your home.
  • CSU offers free tree trimming around power lines. Call them at (719) 448-4800 before pruning, trimming or cutting down trees that are near overhead lines.

What to do during an electric outage:

  1. During large storms, when multiple outages and downed lines occur, employees are dispatched to stand guard over downed power lines to protect the public. 
  2. For questions regarding downed tree limbs not in contact with power lines, please contact the City Forestry office.
  3. Do not use ovens, stoves or camping stoves for heat to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

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