Cuisine Solutions Leads Celebration of International Sous Vide Day

Sous Vide Day Gerard Bertholon Dr. Bruno Goussault Chef Daniel Boulud
(L-R) Cuisine Solutions chief strategy officer Gerard Bertholon, sous vide inventor Dr. Bruno Goussault, and celebrity chef Daniel Boulud
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As sous vide transcends “fadhood”, with recognition and popularity in kitchens at home and in the restaurant, Cuisine Solutions, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of sous vide foods, hosts a virtual celebration of International Sous Vide Day on Jan. 26.

Sous vide is a method of cooking various foods in vacuum-sealed plastic at low temperatures for an extended period of time. It boasts consistent restaurant-quality taste and texture with minimal labor. Its’ inventor, French Dr. Bruno Goussault collaborated 50 years ago with top chefs and state-of-the-art labs to perfect this method. His birthday, Jan. 26 is internationally recognized as Sous Vide Day, and an apt time for Cuisine Solutions to present the ambitious future of sous vide.

“Sous vide was a true partnership between chef and scientist. The scientists didn’t learn how to cook. They went to the chef and said, show me the quality. Show me what you’re looking for,” said chief strategy officer at Cuisine Solutions Gerard Bertholon. “And I’ve tried as much as possible to duplicate exactly what you just did.”

The Jan. 26th event will focus on the breadth of applications sous vide cooking could lend a kitchen, documenting the evolution and culinary artistry of this method. Cuisine Solutions has also compiled an all-star lineup of chefs highlighted by Daniel Boulud, celebrity chef and restaurateur, and Marc Ehrler, president of culinary at Hilton Americas. Chefs will be showcasing the capabilities of sous vide with recipes both accessible and, admittedly, delicious sounding, like Glazed Pork Belly with beluga lentil ragout, beef short rib with shiraz sauce, braised endives and baby carrots and a Cali roasted turkey melt.

“[Jan 26] is all about sharing knowledge and creating a community. There are so many people who are passionate about sous vide. It’s really about a community, and it’s not just in the U.S. or in France. It’s around the world from Singapore to Australia to everywhere in between,” said Bertholon.

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“So what we did was make everybody understand the quality, because when you cook with sous vide, it’s about quality first — it is about adding the perfect color, the perfect texture every single time. So, we have decided to train some of the best chefs in the world,” Bertholon said. “And those top chefs started to talk about it.”

Part of the quality sous vide allows, from a scientific perspective, is the promise of juicer meat. According to Bertholon, by cooking meat at a consistent and low temperature, it retains 15-20% more of its natural moisture. The result, he says, is incomparable. “When you taste it, you’re like, why is this turkey so good? On top of that, it is so juicy,” Bertholon said.

Sous vide has not only attracted the attention of Michelin star restaurateurs. Family dining chains operators led by IHOP interim vice president of culinary development Scott Randolph, are also participating in the celebration.

Part of that accessibility and appeal is the versatility sous vide products can lend a kitchen. Sous vide guarantees efficiency that comes with being able to cook a piece of meat to a precise temperature and flavor, time-after-time.

“It requires a minimal amount of training with a simple series of applications that can then be used across all dayparts,” Bertholon added. Cuisine Solutions offers various sous vide products with a wide range of uses in mind, allowing chefs to apply the specific flavor of their choice. “You have so much more flexibility and versatility to create your own signature.”

One of the keys to the Sterling, VA company staying ahead of the industry has been its ability to adopt the latest menu trends.With that in mind, Cuisine Solutions has recently released a plant-based line of sous vide products. Their next sous vide innovation will be reducing the amount of food waste in the culinary world and transforming would-be trash, into food. Bertholon and Chef Nolan Popper, Director of Innovation & Plant-Based, have created a plant-based initiative to merge an agenda of cutting waste with creating a palette of unique flavors that can be used in both food and beverage.

“We cook the peels of carrots, we use the leaves of the corn, we use everything that the chef throws away. We cook it overnight and we get juice. So, we extract all the flavor,” Bertholon said. “You’d think you’re eating corn.”

With a recipe of flavor popping menu solutions, an eye towards the key trends including plant-based food and a vision for sustainability, Dr. Goussault’s vision is being properly honored by Cuisine Solutions. The January 26th celebration will honor the past and the bright future for sous vide. One that takes sous vide from top restaurant kitchens to all restaurant kitchens and households across the world.

To learn more about Cuisine Solutions, visit their website.

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