Danny Murphy slams Premier League ‘whingeing’ amid fixture debate for Man United and Man City

Danny Murphy has told Premier League managers they need to ‘stop moaning’ about the winter schedule.

It comes amid a debate among players and managers surrounding the welfare of footballers during the busy festive period that sees matches played on December 26th and 28th, before going on to play on New Year’s Day.

A number of managers throughout the league have railed against the number of fixtures in December and January, which has lead to teams fielding weakened teams in crucial league fixtures.

Along with the rise of Covid-19 cases throughout the nation, almost every team has lost players over the last three weeks — with games being postponed across the English football pyramid.

Most notably, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel have heavily criticised the congestion of fixtures — two German coaches who had been accustomed to winter breaks back in the Bundesliga.

And last week, a third German coach weighed in.

Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangnick suggested ditching the Carabao Cup to deal with congestion.

He said: “England is the only top league that plays two cup competitions. In France they abolished the second one. This is something we could speak about and discuss. The League Cup is still kept for the third and fourth division teams to improve the financial situations of those clubs.

And now former Liverpool midfielder Murphy has weighed in, practically telling managers to shut up and get on with it.

In his column in the Daily Mail, he said: “I’ve been disappointed to hear the amount of whingeing about fixture congestion, particularly from Premier League managers.

“They wouldn’t earn the big money without TV rights being sold around the world, so they can’t have it both ways. I accept Covid is a factor — and there are some genuine cases of teams being unable to fulfil commitments — but a lot of the arguments I’m hearing from Thomas Tuchel and Jurgen Klopp and others don’t wash.

“If players were asked if they wanted to play over Christmas, I’m sure the vast majority would say ‘yes’. Dealing with the current situation positively would be more productive than clubs moaning.

“I’m afraid the cries of ‘too many matches’ doesn’t sit well with me. The statistics indicate players aren’t covering more distance than a decade ago and since then we’ve cancelled cup replays.

“So show a bit of resilience and unless you genuinely can’t field a team due to Covid, get on with it.”

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