Former Green Beret helps nearly 8,000 Ukrainians to safety: ‘Always looking for the safe zone’

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A former Green Beret has helped nearly 8,000 Ukrainians escape harmful battle zones by way of his worldwide safety firm since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

Dale Buckner was a particular forces officer for 24 years and is now the CEO of safety options firm World Guardians, which operates with its associates in 134 nations and has greater than 4,700 brokers worldwide however primarily in Europe. 

In the first three days of Russia’s invasion, the firm was targeted on serving to American expats, company executives and senior management from companies that employed World Guardians to go away the nation. 

Destruction in Ukraine captured by a Global Guardians agent.

Destruction in Ukraine captured by a World Guardians agent.
(World Guardians CEO Dale Buckner)

“I would say that by day three … firms started to realize that this is real and not going away. And I think by day four, you saw a pivot. The aperture opened because they realized that you can’t just evacuate the executive or your employee. You’ve got to take the whole family. So, by about day five, you know, we were evacuating children, spouses … by day six or seven, grandparents, extended family. This truly did become a humanitarian effort, and I think most of our clients realized that in less than a week,” Buckner informed Fox Information Digital.


He added that “almost every single evacuation we execute involves family – nuclear family and extended family and, of course, pets.”

The D.C.-based safety firm has Ukrainian purchasers in the Fortune 1000, in addition to the tech, monetary banking, personal fairness and manufacturing industries.

“Unlike my competitors in the insurance market, I don’t deploy expats, meaning ex-Secret Service, ex-FBI … I don’t deploy people like that. Our teams are standing there. I like to think we were there before the war, we’ll be there during the war, and we’re going to be there after the war. I said that about Afghanistan,” Buckner mentioned.

Tank in Ukraine captured by a Global Guardians agent.

Tank in Ukraine captured by a World Guardians agent.
(World Guardians CEO Dale Buckner)

World Guardians at the moment has two groups in Ukraine, and extra in Romania, Poland, Hungary and different European nations the place Ukrainian refugees are in search of security. 

The corporate despatched an intelligence temporary to its purchasers a few month earlier than Russia’s invasion warning them that it was “highly probable that the Russians are actually going to take action” and that they wanted to “get ready,” Buckner mentioned.


The method is advanced, and evacuations that will usually take one or two days are taking over to 5 due to destroyed bridges, an absence of public transportation choices and lengthy traces at the Ukrainian border.

“You’re always looking for the safe zone in these scenarios, and so … this all comes down to the following: having good communication, executing an expectation and preparation, and then having a very precise time and location of pickup,” Buckner defined.

Global Guardians evacuation route map. 

World Guardians evacuation route map. 
(World Guardians CEO Dale Buckner)

World Guardians receives detailed lists of who wants assist, the place to discover them, and the way to talk with them. As soon as the firm has acquired that info, it’ll meet these individuals at their handle or give them directions on the place to meet World Guardian brokers. These directions typically embrace a listing of what supplies to deliver and what circumstances to costume for, as they could be uncovered to the components from wherever between 24 and 36 hours.

“The takeaway is good communication, good preparation, and then just expect to wait and expect bridges to be out, expect to get hemmed up in checkpoints, so on and so forth,” Buckner mentioned. 


Battle zones in Ukraine have made evacuations harder as a result of the Russians have destroyed roads and bridges and put in mines, booby traps and “carnage on the way out,” Buckner mentioned. Buildings and metropolis facilities have been bombed. Buses and trains have been destroyed or blocked from getting into sure cities. 

Destruction in Ukraine captured by a Global Guardians agent.

Destruction in Ukraine captured by a World Guardians agent.
(World Guardians CEO Dale Buckner)

In Kyiv, Buckner mentioned his companions on the floor have described a visual lower in Russian forces after the Kremlin introduced a few week in the past that it will be scaling again its forces in the Ukrainian capital, however the “caveat” is that Russia is now shopping for time “to expand” in Donbas, create a land bridge all the manner to the Black Sea and try to take Odesa. Solely then, in the event that they efficiently take management of Odesa, will they declare “victory,” Buckner believes.

“They [will] take warm water seaports they did not have for oil and gas delivery and shipment, and then … they can claim that victory. … They will claim that territory as now Russian territory, we will redraw the lines of new Ukraine, if you will,” the former Green Beret mentioned.


He additionally believes that whereas negotiations could cease momentarily if Russia positive factors management of southern Ukraine, Russia will try to increase all the manner to NATO nations comparable to Romania, Hungary and Poland in the future.

“I think their ultimate goal is to expand west, all the way right up to the border. They’re not there. They’re incapable of doing it right now. They don’t have the manpower. They don’t have equipment to take the entire country. I think that’s now clear. And I think that’s why … they’ve been forced to change their strategy going from Donbas to Crimea,” Buckner mentioned.

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