Former Pizza Bully Reaches Out to Elementary Classmate in Heartwarming Clip

The general public apology of a person who used to steal his elementary faculty classmate’s pizza has gone viral and resulted in a reunion about 15 years in the making.

Joe Erwin posted a pair of TikTok movies, together with one which has been seen over 7 million occasions, discussing how he used to steal pizza throughout lunch from his former pal, Dylan.

The video from March 15 started with Erwin asking viewers, “What’s a terrible thing you did as a child that you feel really bad about as an adult?”

“I used to steal a kid’s lunch every day and eat it right in front of him,” Erwin admitted, referring to Dylan. Erwin stated he would merely misdirect Dylan and put his pizza slice on his plate. “We both always got pizza and we always sat next to each other. We actually played at recess together; we were friends.

“However he was a little bit man and—shock—I used to be a fats child,” he continued. “I believed, ‘Since he is such a little bit man, he does not get hungry like I do.”

A TikTok creator who made a video apologizing to a former classmate whose pizza he used to steal resulted in a contented ending for each. In accordance to knowledge compiled from 2019 by PACER’s Nationwide Bullying Prevention Heart, one out of each 5 college students reported being bullied.
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Dylan would inform Erwin, “I don’t really like when you do that.” Erwin would reply by saying he was simply very hungry.

On the finish of the video, Erwin requested his viewers if any of them knew a man named Dylan in his mid-20’s who attended Jenks West Elementary in Jenks, Oklahoma.

“Dylan, if you’re out there, I’m sorry man,” Erwin stated. “I would like to take you out to the most costly pizza place you can consider. I do know it is not gonna utterly make it proper, however I not less than need to say I am sorry.”

There have been jokes posted in response, together with that Dylan grew up to be Papa John—or that he would settle for Erwin’s provide solely to have the identical state of affairs happen once more.

“You didn’t hear? Dylan starved to death, never saw the second grade,” one person joked.

“I used to have a cousin named Dylan who lived in that area, would be about that age now but he died of starvation before the 2nd grade,” one other stated.

Others referred to Erwin as a “bully,” to which he responded that atonement was a part of his video’s intent.

In accordance to knowledge compiled from 2019 by PACER’s Nationwide Bullying Prevention Heart, one out of each 5 college students reported being bullied—with 41 p.c of these college students saying they anticipated bullying to reoccur.

Six days later, Erwin posted a video saying that he acquired in contact with Dylan. A pal of Erwin’s offered a yearbook that led to discovering out Dylan’s final identify, which made an internet social media search fairly straightforward.

Dylan did reply, saying “of course” he remembered Erwin however that he did not understand it was him who stole his pizza slices. He added that he is seen a few of Erwin’s previous TikTok movies.

The video was seen 447,000 occasions.

“Next time I’m in Tulsa (where Erwin lives), pizza’s on you,” Dylan responded.

On Monday, or three weeks after Erwin posted the video saying he discovered Dylan, Erwin posted a touch upon the video saying {that a} date had been set between him and Dylan.

Many TikTokers have turn into invested in the saga of Erwin and Dylan.

“You weren’t a terrible person, you were a kid…kids make mistakes…you grew up, learned from them & are trying to make amends,” one person stated. “good for you!”

Reunions are fairly well-liked on the platform, representing not less than 2.2 billion movies.

Newsweek reached out to Erwin for remark.

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