‘I Rock My Alopecia’—’Barry’ Actor Anthony Carrigan Responds to Oscars Joke

Anthony Carrigan admits he might relate to Jada Pinkett Smith‘s “feeling of pain” when a joke was made at her expense throughout the 2022 Oscars.

Carrigan, greatest recognized for taking part in the character NoHo Hank in Barry on HBO, suffers from alopecia, the autoimmune illness which causes hair loss. The illness has been extensively mentioned in current weeks after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about his spouse Jada’s hair loss, which is a results of alopecia.

Whereas Carrigan admits he is handled too many “cruel jokes” or “offhand comments” inside his personal life, he now “loves” and “rocks” his personal alopecia. Sadly, he’s all too conscious of others with alopecia who wrestle with the situation.

Barry returns to HBO later this month, and forward of the launch of Season 3, Carrigan sat down with Newsweek to discuss his response to the evening of the Oscars, and the way the dialogue surrounding alopecia has progressed since then.

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Anthony Carrigan (left) stars as NoHo Hank (proper) in “Barry” on HBO.
Amy Sussman / Merrick Morton/WireImage / HBO

Reacting to Chris Rock’s Joke

On the evening of the Oscars, Rock made the joke that he cannot wait to see Jada in G.I. Jane 2, which prompted Will to stroll onstage and slap him. It had beforehand been publicized that Jada suffers from alopecia, which defined her hair loss.

That evening, Carrigan spoke out to appropriate a Selection headline which prompt Jada had a shaved head. “Not because of her ‘shaved head’ Jada has alopecia,” Carrigan wrote.

Virtually three weeks later, Carrigan displays on how the incident made him really feel. “I was as shocked as everyone else was and kind of still is,” he instructed Newsweek. “I think this is a situation in which numerous things can be true at the same time, which is kind of a hard thing to just simplify.”

Carrigan stated he could not decide who’s proper and incorrect within the scenario, however he can relate to the incident on a private stage. “I can understand and I can speak to, you know, understanding that feeling of pain, when it comes to a joke at your expense, when it comes to your physical appearance.”

He continued: “I know that everyone in the alopecian community could relate to that kind of moment. Because everyone with alopecia has experience, if it’s not like a cruel joke, it’s a stare, or an offhanded comment. And it’s those things, they do stay with you. That person who gave that comment, might not think about it again but, it’s a difficult thing that alopecians certainly know quite well.”

Bringing Consciousness to the Alopecia Group

Since Rock’s joke was made, and the fallout from Smith’s actions has been mentioned, alopecia has develop into extra outstanding within the media.

Quite a few articles have been written surrounding the subject, individuals with alopecia have been heard as they’ve shared their expertise, and just lately Ricky Gervais acquired backlash when he prompt that alopecia is “not a disability.”

Anthony Carrigan red carpet
39-year-old Anthony Carrigan has spoken about shedding his hair in his 20s as his alopecia areata had extra of an impact on him.
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Carrigan believes all of the rhetoric might develop into a optimistic for alopecians because it will increase consciousness.

“I am happy that alopecia is something that people are now kind of discovering is a thing, many people just had no idea what it was,” Carrigan stated.

“I know like a record number of people have Googled it, and have most likely just completely misspelled it in the process,” he laughed. “I would prefer that people would pay attention to the effect that alopecia can have on someone, and not just immediately have an initial take on something that they might not know much about. I hope they’ll do some research and understand that it can be a very difficult thing.”

Carrigan has an extremely optimistic angle when it comes to his personal alopecia, as he proudly admits: “I love my alopecia, I rock it,” however he is aware of that not everybody throughout the neighborhood can cope in addition to he can.

“It can be difficult for a lot of people. There was a 12-year old-girl who took her own life about a month ago, because she was bullied for alopecia. So it’s a time for really opening your heart and having compassion and understanding. It may be easy to make fun of someone, but you never know what they’re going through.”

Twelve-year-old Rio Marie Allred from Elkhart, Indiana took her personal life in March after she was reportedly incessantly bullied at college due to her situation. Carrigan highlighted the story on his Instagram account a day earlier than the Academy Awards in March. Whereas he shared how “heartbroken” he was, he urged individuals to transfer ahead by training “kindness and inclusivity.”

A GoFundMe web page was arrange to assist Rio’s household create a non-profit group to deliver consciousness and assist to their neighborhood towards bullying.

Reflecting on the occasions of the final month, Carrigan instructed Newsweek: “It’s way better to actually just try and understand and connect.”

Carrigan was talking to Newsweek forward of the launch of Barry Season 3 on HBO. Episode 1 launches on April 24, with subsequent episodes airing each Thursday.

Anthony Carrigan in Barry
NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) will return in Season 3 of Barry on Sunday April 24, 2022.
Merrick Morton/HBO

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