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NASA Calculates Speed of Sound on Mars, Finds a ‘Deep Silence Prevails’



We all know what Mars appears like (rocky). We all know what it appears like (dusty, chilly and windy). Now we additionally know what it feels like because of NASA’s Perseverance rover’s skill to report audio. Scientists used that information to calculate the pace of sound on the purple planet and describe its soundscape.

Percy has primarily heard the whoosh of wind and the noises made by its personal equipment. In a assertion on Friday, NASA mentioned the rover discovered “that, mostly, a deep silence prevails” and the pace of sound is slower on Mars than on Earth.

A world workforce revealed a examine on Martian sounds within the journal Nature final week. Most of the audio the researchers investigated got here from a microphone on the SuperCam instrument situated on Percy’s “head.” There’s one other mic on the rover’s chassis. 

It seems Mars has two sound pace limits. “On Earth, sounds typically travel at 767 mph (343 meters per second),” NASA mentioned. “But on Mars, low-pitched sounds travel at about 537 mph (240 meters per second), while higher-pitched sounds move at 559 mph (250 meters per second).”

NASA factors to the planet’s skinny ambiance made up of primarily carbon dioxide as the rationale sound behaves prefer it does on Mars. The ambiance additionally muffles sounds, with high-pitched sounds hardly touring in any respect. 

A Sounds of Mars web site allows you to take heed to acquainted Earth sounds as they’d be heard on our personal planet in contrast with how they’d sound on the purple planet. Hen songs, for instance, just about disappear.

The discoveries fall in keeping with what scientists anticipated to search out about how sound travels on Mars, however there might nonetheless be some surprises in retailer. The researchers are curious if seasonal modifications may have an effect on how “noisy” Mars is. Perseverance can be listening.

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