Nearly 70% of Americans Are More Excited to Give Gifts Than to Receive Them This Year

Nearly seven in 10 Americans are more excited to give gifts than receive them this year, according to new poll.


As families look to reconnect with their loved ones during this winter’s festivities, two-thirds agree that spending quality time with family is the highlight of their holiday season.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Minted, asked 2,005 Americans to pinpoint what makes the season so joyful.

Not only are 68% more eager to give than receive, 57% look forward to giving more gifts this year and have added more names than usual to their shopping lists.

Over half (52%) think sharing gifts is the reason for the season.

Interestingly, 45% of millennial respondents loved using snail mail to send their season’s greetings, saying that mailing holiday cards is one of their favorite holiday activities.

During this year’s holiday downtime, four in five Americans (78%) plan on breaking out the tried-and-true family traditions, while 68% of those respondents will be trying out brand-new traditions this year.

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Watching holiday movies (57%) and decorating the Christmas tree (54%) are the top two traditions people plan on reviving this year.

Roughly half of respondents cited preparing family recipes and watching holiday movies as the most beloved traditions that they have continued from their childhood into adulthood.

Three in five respondents said putting up holiday decorations with their families is the most important part of the season.

Vintage decorations have grown increasingly popular over the years. And, nearly half (46%) said they own an ornament that has been passed down in their family through the generations.

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“With a focus on quality family time and giving gifts rather than receiving, this year’s holiday season is shaping up to become a joyful return to the beloved values and traditions of years past, ” said a Minted spokesperson.

How will this holiday season look different than those in the past? One-third of respondents said they’ll be sending care packages to their loved ones who live far away.

And while 51% of millennial respondents are hoping to see a shiny new piece of tech under the tree, 52% would prefer a sentimental gift, such as a custom framed picture or ornament.

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In fact, two-thirds of all respondents (67%) said a custom gift is the best present to give to a family member or friend. 72% also agree that including a holiday card with a handwritten note is the perfect way to make any gift more meaningful.

It’s likely that those gift recipients will appreciate the gesture for a long time, as more than half (53%) have amassed a collection of treasured holiday cards they’ve received over the years.

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