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Satellite Spots Giant Letter G in the Clouds

Humans like to look up at clouds and spot fun shapes like dragons and puppies. Last Friday, a weather satellite from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration looked down and spotted a giant letter “G” in a cloud formation off the coast of Chile.

On Tuesday, the NOAA Satellites Twitter account shared a seven-hour time lapse video of the “G” taking shape as seen by GOES-East. “Good afternoon Good people of Gorgeous Earth!” NOAA wrote.

Last Friday, NOAA zoomed in and also found a circular formation near the “G,” suggesting the clouds had formed the word “go.”

So what does it mean? Is our planet trying to tell us something? What does “G” stand for? The pattern was just a fun coincidence, but we can let imagination take over. I like to think the “G” is short for “gossamer,” as if the clouds were describing themselves in poetry.  

GOES-East is an important satellite for monitoring weather, solar activity and climate conditions, so perhaps we can see the “G” as a tip of the hat from Earth to its friendly watcher up in space.  

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