‘Suspicious’ Worker Backed After Losing Interview Over Lack of Social Media

Commenters have been outraged after one poster defined why their job interview was canceled in a preferred web discussion board.

In a viral Reddit put up printed on r/antiwork, Redditor u/CascadianWanderer (in any other case known as the unique poster, or OP) stated they have been prohibited from interviewing for a brand new job as a result of of their minimal social media presence.

Merely titled, “Canceled Interview,” the viral put up has acquired 10,500 votes and practically 1,000 feedback within the final day.

Starting with the reason that an organization they’d utilized to just lately knowledgeable them that their scheduled interview had been canceled, the unique poster shared the reasoning supplied by the potential employer.

“I just had an interview canceled because [they said] ‘You are clearly hiding your social media presence, which we find suspicious,” u/CascadianWanderer wrote.

Writing that they solely have one, dormant social media account, the unique poster additionally expressed their worry that this kind of suspicion is frequent amongst employers.

“The only social media account I have is a Facebook account I haven’t logged into in about 6 years,” they wrote. “I hope this doesn’t become a thing.”

Canceled job interview
One Reddit consumer defined to r/antiwork how their lack of social media presence result in a canceled job interview.
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Almost three-quarters of People often use a minimum of one social media platform, based on The Pew Analysis Middle.

This overwhelming prevalence of social media use all through the US, and the remaining of the world, has created the expectation that all people makes use of social media. So when an employer comes throughout a potential worker who would not exhibit a sturdy social media presence, it will probably elevate crimson flags.

Flex Jobs, a jobs web site devoted to serving to employees discover versatile or distant jobs, studies that candidates with out easy-to-find social media accounts are typically thought of “suspicious,” simply as u/CascadianWanderer was.

“Having absolutely no virtual footprint is highly suspect, and the first thing that a potential boss will think is that you’ve done something that you’re trying to cover up,” the web site reads.

For growing older candidates, a obtrusive lack of social media presence may result in presumptions about an applicant’s capacity to adapt to the trendy work panorama.

“If a potential employer suspects that you might be an older worker—and then checks online and discovers that you don’t have an online presence—[they] might jump to the conclusion that you’re not social media savvy,” Flex Jobs studies.

Regardless of the potential pitfalls of not having a number of social media accounts, many commenters responding to the viral Reddit put up have been adamant that, for some potential staff, a lackluster digital footprint has nothing to do with their capacity to do the job they’ve utilized for.

“An employer always needs to know what you look like in a bathing suit at Spring Break ’09,” one Redditor commented, sarcastically. “It’s important to know what you’re bringing to the table for work stuff.”

“I find it unacceptably intrusive that a potential or actual employer [researches] or judges my personal social media,” one other Redditor added.

Within the viral put up’s prime remark, which has acquired greater than 6,000 votes, Redditor u/Redd_October identified the hypocrisy between an employer wanting to seek out an applicant’s social media accounts, and their displeasure when staff use social media websites on firm time.

“Meanwhile, they keep wondering why they can’t find employees who won’t browse Facebook during work hours,” they commented.

Redditor u/FakeEpistemologist, whose response has acquired practically 6,000 votes, assured the unique poster that any employer who refused to interview them as a result of they do not use social media will not be an employer they need to wish to work for.

“I would call that a bullet dodged,” they commented. “An employer doing sh*t like that is an employer you don’t want to be working for.”

In a separate remark, Redditor u/infinitebrucecruise stated that additionally they have a restricted social media presence, and speculated that they are going to quickly discover themselves in an analogous place to the unique poster.

“I’ve been waiting for this one to bite me in the a**,” they commented. “I deleted all my social media accounts except [Reddit] and LinkedIn last year.”

“Somehow choosing not to engage with social media makes you ‘suspicious’ instead of just being, [I don’t know], a personal choice,” they added.

Newsweek reached out to u/CascadianWanderer for remark.

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