“The Nanny” Is Back: Fran Drescher-Inspired Outfits Are Taking Over The Internet

Ever since the hit series The Nanny aired in the ’90s, Fran Drescher, an icon in more ways than one, has made into onto many inspiration boards for her fashion A-game. Fran Fine, her character in the series, even has a fan account dedicated to curating all the memorable outfits she wore. Now, as younger generations become more enthralled with vintage shopping, Fran’s classic style continues to be a source of inspiration.

Such is the case for model Deja Janai, who is going viral with her The Nanny-inspired ‘fits. Deja’s idea originally sprung while working on a Christmas promotion with the vintage store Washington Ave for a line that reminded her of Fran and The Nanny. “When I saw this collection from the brand I work with, I had to do a tribute to the show,” she tells Teen Vogue.

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Deja, who describes herself as “a big fan of The Nanny and Fran Drescher,” created a video featuring three different outfits inspired by the one and only, Ms. Fine. Set to The Nanny’s theme song, the video shows Deja modeling a black mini dress and a pink blazer with black and gold details, a green skirt paired with a printed one-sleeve top, and a matching black skirt and blazer lined with cheetah print.  Of course, in true Fran Fine fashion, Deja included plenty of accessories from gold necklaces to ‘90s-style small handbags. So far, Deja’s video has amassed over 326,000 views on Twitter, with 33,000 likes and plenty of comments. On Instagram, she’s seen over 55,000 likes.

Fran Drescher has also been a muse for many fashion lovers on TikTok. Users have similarly shared their outfits inspired by the actor’s costumes. 

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