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Watch Mars Go Dark as a Rowdy Dust Cloud Blasts Across the Landscape


NASA’s Curiosity rover caught sight of a mud cloud transferring throughout Mars in March 2022.


This story is a part of Welcome to Mars, our collection exploring the pink planet.

Mars can be a good spot to exfoliate your pores and skin. The windy planet has a behavior of kicking up mud, producing whirlwinds and gritty clouds. NASA’s Curiosity rover captured some incredible footage of a close by mud cloud so intense it turned the sky darkish.

The Curiosity staff shared a GIF of the motion on Wednesday, saying “Did it get dark in here? Oh, that’s just the dust cloud I caught with my hazcam. While this isn’t the first dusty gust I’ve captured, its size and proximity made for a dense shadow.”

The footage comes from one in every of the rover’s hazard avoidance cameras (hazcams for brief) in March.  

Whereas Mars is notorious for its mud devils, which may depart scratch-like marks throughout the panorama, this most likely wasn’t a kind of. “Scientists believe it’s a wind gust rather than a dust devil since it doesn’t appear to have the trademark vorticity, or twisting, of a dust devil,” NASA JPL mentioned in a photograph journal entry.

Curiosity has been in residence on the pink planet since 2012. It usually takes time to seize photographs of the surrounding panorama and search for mud satan motion. It caught sight of fairly a good one in 2020

Dust on Mars will be a drawback for NASA’s robotic explorers. A world mud storm ended the Alternative rover’s mission and the Ingenuity lander has been coping with thick mud coat. Curiosity, nevertheless, would not depend on solar energy, so it may get pleasure from the view as the mud flies.

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