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What is the largest arachnid to ever live?

The time period “arachnids” doubtless conjures up visions of spiders: from creepy, crawly issues silently spinning webs in the nook of the room to huge, bushy creatures with fangs — the likes of the legendary Shelob or Aragog — stalking you in the darkish. However simply how huge (and ferocious) can these arachnids get? Even higher, what was the largest one to have ever lived?

Answering this query is deceptively easy. Arachnids are eight-legged arthropods, which implies that this group not solely incorporates spiders but additionally scorpions and ticks amongst different, a lot smaller and rarer teams. Of those, spiders are the most numerous group of arachnids (the 50,000th species was found lately, and that quantity is anticipated to develop). The issue is that precisely what counts as an arachnid is a little bit of an open query.

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