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World’s oldest known case of cannibalism revealed in trilobite fossils

It is a dog-eat-dog world on the market. However earlier than there have been canine — and even dinosaurs — there have been trilobites brutally biting one another on the Cambrian seafloor. New analysis has revealed that these armored predators did not solely hunt smaller and weaker animals for meals, however would often take bites out of their trilobite comrades of the identical species. This discovering represents the earliest proof of cannibalism in the fossil report up to now. 

Trilobites are now-extinct marine arthropods that first appeared in the fossil report round 541 million years in the past. They have been stout creatures with thick exoskeletons, which is probably going one of the explanations so many trilobite fossils remained preserved all these years; exoskeletons fossilize a lot simpler than softer tissues. 

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