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Senatorial wager Loren Legarda has inspired everybody to undertake a zero waste life-style for a cleaner, more healthy and safer atmosphere.

“A zero waste lifestyle means using products that can be reused and promoting processes that avoid or eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste. It means creating little to no waste. It is veering away from the throwaway culture by reusing, reducing and recycling,” Legarda mentioned.

“Simple examples include going paperless; using glass or refillable water bottles instead of buying plastic bottled waters; using bayong, reusable cloth bags and containers instead of plastic bags when going to the market or grocery; and reusing or recycling boxes, paper, bottles and cans instead of throwing them away, among many others,” she added.

Legarda mentioned that an efficient way to begin a zero waste life-style is the implementation of the ESWM Regulation, which goals to create a clear and wholesome atmosphere utilizing a system of strong waste administration that features segregation of rubbish at its supply, segregated transportation, processing, remedy and correct disposal of strong waste.

The regulation emphasizes on recycling in order that much less rubbish is definitely delivered to the sanitary landfill and people delivered to the ultimate disposal web site are successfully maintained. It patronizes recycling and the use of recyclable supplies to attenuate waste output. It bans open dumpsites, the use of incinerators, and burning of waste. It promotes the use of environment-friendly disposal of strong waste.

“As we encourage households to adopt a zero waste lifestyle, we urge local government units (LGUs) to fully implement the ESWM Law, which, together with other environmental laws, will help build clean, healthy, safe and resilient communities,” mentioned Legarda.

“A zero waste lifestyle may only seem difficult at first since many are not yet used to it. But these practices do not really demand much from us. Many of these can be immediately implemented as soon as today. It can easily become a way of life, but we just have to take that first crucial step of actually taking action,” Legarda concluded.


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